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Click here to see how the GT3000 can help you achieve the ultimate in whole house air purity that goes beyond traditional air filtering methods

This is what others are saying about the GT 3000: 

“One day after you put the system in, we all started to feel the difference.  The environment felt cooler, cleaner, crisper and definitely odor free.  We were absolutely sold by the end of the third day!”
                                                          Owners, Living Touch Pet Grooming Salon

“We were on the verge of installing a major system in our Grill to accommodate the cigar smoking, but the air purifier has proven
effective for this purpose.”
                                                              Director of Operations, The Ritz-Carlton

“These machines are excellent for removing the various allergens from the indoor environment, thereby alleviating allergic reactions.  Thank you for this excellent technology in helping with a difficult patient management problem.”
                                   Immunologist, Annandale Medical Services, Inc